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Cornerstone, the official publication of the world coal industry, was launched by the World Coal Association in the spring of 2013. Cornerstone is an internationally recognized, high-quality, objective publication that includes content investigating all aspects of the global coal industry. The electronic version is offered free of charge through this website.

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wiley_cornerstone_2014summer 1The second issue of Volume 2 of Cornerstone focuses on mining safety and energy poverty. These two issues are connected by a common thread: Every person on this planet deserves to live and work in safe conditions.

“If the global mining industry hopes to obtain and secure the social license to operate, health and safety must always be at the core of our business.”

– Anthony Hodge
International Council on Mining and Metals


Highlighted Articles

Shifting the Paradigms of Health and Safety in Mining

cover imageIn 2001, the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) was founded to improve sustainable development performance in the global mining and metals industry. Today, we bring together 22 mining and metals companies as well as 33 national and regional mining associations and global commodity associations to address core sustainable development challenges.

Energy Poverty in India and What’s Needed to Address It

The concepts of faster growth and good governance were recurring themes during India’s 2014 general elections, which saw a sweeping victory by the Bhartiya Janata Party led by Narendra Modi.For a developing country such as India, the eradication of poverty is the foundation of the planning process for the economy. Accelerated growth is often the vehicle to eliminate poverty, and adequate energy is central to India’s growth strategies. Poverty is reflected not only in the disposable income of a household, but also in the level of energy available to a household to meet its need for cooking, lighting, and gainful employment.

Evaluating Safety and Health in Australia’s Mining Sector

The traditional ways of thinking about safety may not be the best approach for Australia’s mining sector.Australia’s mining sector seeks to be a global leader in safety and health, but a recent spike in accidents has underlined the need to continue improving. The industry is now exploring new ways of thinking about safety to reach its ultimate goal: zero harm. Although the minerals industry accepts that inherent hazards exist, there is no reason for working in the industry to be dangerous.

An Analysis of the Interdependence Between China’s Economy and Coal

In addition to power generation, coal is also used as a raw material and energy source to support rapid growth of the steel and construction materials industries.China’s energy policies and development strategies have always emphasized domestic energy development. As China’s most abundant, most economical, and most reliable fossil fuel, coal has long been the principal energy source supporting economic development; this has led to a unique, complementary interdependence between China’s coal industry and its economy.