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Cornerstone, the official publication of the world coal industry, was launched by the World Coal Association in the spring of 2013. Cornerstone is an internationally recognized, high-quality, objective publication that includes content investigating all aspects of the global coal industry. The electronic version is offered free of charge through this website.

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The fourth issue of Volume 3 of Cornerstone is focused on best practices for reclaiming mined land.

“Key objectives in reclamation activities are to reduce potential damage and prevent negative impacts to the natural environment in and near mined areas…”

– Jason Hayes
American Coal Council


Highlighted Articles

Returning Mined Land to Productivity Through Reclamation

By Jason Hayes, American Coal Council

Hayes-Photo6_CoalMac_Phx2 Nearly 8.2 billion tonnes of coal were produced globally in 2014. Although a great deal of activity occurs around the extraction of coal, a limited amount of land is disturbed during mining compared to total landmass.

Working Alongside the Great Barrier Reef

By Michael Roche, Queensland Resources Council

Coal is a cornerstone of Queensland’s economy and is responsible for more than half the value of the state’s merchandise exports of AU$47 billion in 2014. Despite challenging market conditions, coal exports also reached a new record of 216 million tonnes in 2014—an amount that is on track to be exceeded in 2015.

The Colowyo Mine: A Case Study for Successful Mine Reclamation

By Juan Garcia and Martin Stearns, Colowyo Mine

 Garcia-1 two column
In northwestern Colorado, U.S., coal mining has been a critical part of the culture and economy since the turn of the 20th century. The history of the Colowyo Mine (Colowyo), currently operated by Western Fuels-Colorado, LLC, and owned by Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. (Tri-State), dates back to 1908 when the underground Collom Mine operated in the 24-foot-thick Collom coal seam.

Mining Site Restoration by Spontaneous Processes in the Czech Republic

By Karel Prach, University of Ceské Budejoviceand Czech Academy of Sciences

Despite a recent decline, mining has a long tradition in the Czech Republic and continues to represent an important part of the country’s economy. Thus, the mining industry continues to have a significant impact on landscape and nature in the country—about 0.8% of the area has been directly affected by various mining activities, not including historical mining.