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World Coal Association’s Sustainability and Safety Policy Statements

The World Coal Association (WCA) has published two new policy statements highlighting the importance of sustainability and safety to the global coal industry.

These policy statements represent a commitment by WCA members to be leaders in the global coal industry and set a high bar for performance on sustainability and safety issues.

The sustainable mining practice policy statement underlines the significance of responsible mining to ensure a sustainable future for coal. The new policy encourages companies in the coal industry to work together to share their knowledge and experience in sustainable mining practice.

The safety policy statement demonstrates the critical importance the coal industry places on safety in its operations. Nothing is more important to WCA’s member companies than ensuring people return home safely at the end of the working day. The goal is the elimination of fatalities, injuries, and workplace illnesses. The policy statements are available through these links:

Sustainable Mining Policy:

Safety Mining Policy:

WCA Case Study: Alpha Natural Resources — Running Right

Safety is the top priority for mining companies. The industry understands there’s no good reason not to put safety first.

Alpha Natural Resources, a member of the World Coal Association, is safety conscious, even by the WCA’s high standards. Since its introduction in 2004, the company’s operating philosophy—“Running Right”—has informed everything from its safety values to more tangible elements like its management structure, embodied in the position of Vice President of Safety and Running Right. But the most tangible expression of that philosophy is the Running Right Leadership Academy, a 136,000-square-foot safety training facility opened in West Virginia, U.S., in June 2013.

The design of the facility and its curriculum are founded on consultations with miners. Alpha also conducted site reviews and gathered knowledge from existing training centers to ensure the Academy would be the best possible. It needed to fulfil Alpha employees’ current and anticipated future needs, bolster basic job functions, and evolve to address new regulations and technology as well as remove obstacles to learning.

To find out more about the Alpha Natural Resources’ Running Right initiative, download the full case study via the World Coal Association website.

Alpha Natural Resources Case Study

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