Key Meetings & Conferences

Globally there are numerous conferences and meetings geared toward the coal and energy industries. The table below highlights a few such events. If you would like your event listed in Cornerstone, please contact the Executive Editor at

Conference Name Dates Location Website
International Pittsburgh Coal Conference Oct. 6 – Oct. 9 Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.
International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies Oct. 6 – Oct. 9 Austin, TX, U.S.
China International Coal Industry Expo Oct. 16 – Oct. 18 Taiyuan, China
Gasification Technologies Oct. 26 – Oct. 29 Washington D.C., U.S.
World Clean Coal Conference, China Oct. 29 – Oct. 30 Beijing, China
IHS Asia Pacific Coal Outlook Conference Nov. 2014 Bali, Indonesia
U.S. Coal Mine Methane Conference Nov. 18 – Nov. 20 Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.

There are several Coaltrans conferences globally each year. To learn more, visit


The UCG Association will also host a one-day workshop on underground coal gasification in conjunction with the International Pittsburgh Coal Conference. The workshop will be held on 6 October. For more information visit

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