World Coal Association

The World Coal Association (WCA) is a global industry association formed of major international coal producers and stakeholders (see About WCA). WCA works to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the fundamental role coal plays in achieving a sustainable and lower carbon energy future.

Membership is open to companies and not-for-profits with a stake in the future of coal from anywhere in the world, with member companies represented at Chief Executive or Chairman level.

The work of the WCA

WCA provides a voice for coal in international energy, environment and development forums, presenting the case for coal to key decision-makers, including ministers, development banks, NGOs, international media, the energy industry, business and finance and research bodies.

WCA produces material that improves understanding of the vital role of coal, organises workshops, holds meetings with senior policy-makers, and develops policy positions to inform international policy discussions in bodies such as the European Commission, European Parliament, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Environment Programme, World Bank, World Economic Forum and national governments.

WCA has four core goals that shape this work:

  1. To demonstrate that coal is an abundant, low cost energy source critical to meeting the energy needs of a low carbon world.
  2. To demonstrate that coal is essential to building sustainable societies through the use of coal products, such as steel and cement.
  3. To influence international bodies and national governments to support investment in low carbon coal technologies – including improved energy efficiency and carbon capture, use and storage – in support of international climate objectives.
  4. To ensure that the World Coal Association and its Members are recognised and valued as constructive and responsible participants in international environmental, climate and energy security forums.

WCA is the global network for the coal industry.